Edvard Munch at the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum. Any other painting you know apart from The Scream?

Las October it was inaugurated the retrospective exhibition “Edvard Munch: Archetypes” about the work of the renowned and however unknown Norwegian painter Edvard Munch. The first thing we have to tell you about this exhibition is that you will not find “The scream”, though in the former link you will find unknown details about his pictorial work.

This is an ideal exhibition for those who know very little about Munch’s life and his masterpieces, so take into account that January 17th will be the deadline to enjoy this retrospective.

First of all, we start with a question that we wouldn´t make to Soraya Estefana´s friends.

Thyssen- Bornemisza Museum in collaboration with Munch Museet in Oslo is hosting in Madrid the first exhibition devoted to the Norwegian painter since 1984. Although many people don’t think Munch belong to this range, was together with Cezanne, Gauguin or Van Gogh one of the fathers of modern painting.

The retrospective carry us to several emotional archetypes and existential obsessions such as love, desire, jelousy and death. Each section of the exhibition portrays the human figure in different settings: the coast, the sick room, the abyss, the green room, the forest, the night, the artist´s studio.

We have to thank Paloma Alarco commissioner of the exhibition and Jon-Ove Steihaug, senior curator of Munch Museet for this magnificent exhibition. In fact, she was the one that insisted on bringing the Norwegian painter to the Thyssen because of her “Munch was the figure that everybody missed in the scheduling initiated by Solana (artistic director of the Thyssen Museum), and the main purpose was to make a review of the key figures of the end of XIX century. The same as it has done so far with Cezanne, Regoyos, Pisarro or Van Gogh. Besides is a very appealing artist for the general public full of clichés, we have to introduce him not only as a father of subsequent artistic movements but also to establish a line to be seen from contemporaneity”.


Works by Soraya Estefana in shop and gallery. Click to go to work´s files


You can enjoy early works of Munch as well as late works of his maturity in each section, in all of them the same topics remain.

Half of the 80 artworks of the exhibition come from Munch Museet and the rest from different picture galleries as the Nasjonalmuseet in Oslo, the Kunsthaus in Zúrich, the Tate Gallery, the Städel Museum  in Frankfurt or MOMA in New York.

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