ElGreco2014, exhibitions to learn about El Greco on the 400 Anniversary of his death

As we were supposed to do, here is our review on the acts and events that -to commemorate the 4th centenary of El Greco’s death - are going to be run in Spain this year.

The distinguished Greek painter reached the top of his professional life in Toledo and it was in Toledo where he died on April 7 1614, leaving as a legacy to the city a huge part of his work. Congratulations, we have a long 2014 to recall him.


These are the most important exhibitions we can enjoy all over the year in different cities:


Toledo, February 18 – June 14

Centro cultural San Marcos. 

Several visions of Toledo today, the city that pays tribute to El Greco. Twelve international photographers with the collaboration of Michal Rovner and the composer and theatre music director Heiner Goebbels.

‘El Griego de Toledo’

Toledo, March 14 – June 14

Museo de Santa Cruz 

More than 100 masterworks from El Greco coming from 29 cities all around the world, the biggest exhibition ever.

View of Toledo, Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC

Paintings coming from, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, Hermitage in St. Petersbourgh, Louvre, National Gallery in London, Museo del Prado…

The nobleman with his hand on his chest, Museo del Prado, Madrid

Espacios Greco 

Toledo, 14 de marzo – diciembre

 Sacristía de la Catedral 

The disrobing of Christ, Cathedral of Toledo

Iglesia de Santo Tomé 

The burial of the Count of Orgaz, Iglesia de Sto. Tomé, Toledo

Capilla de San José

Convento de Santo Domingo el Antiguo 

Hospital Tavera 

The former are five venues that show masterworks by El Greco in the same place where he painted them.

‘La biblioteca del Greco’ 

Madrid, March 31 – June 29

Museo del Prado 

Jorge Manuel, El Greco´s son, made inventory between 1614 and 1621 of about 130 books of his father. This exhibition joins together, more or less, 40 of those titles. There are two editions from Vitruvio and Vasari in which the artist, in his own hand writing, wrote about architecture and painting.

‘Entre el cielo y la tierra: 12 miradas al Greco, 400 años después’ 

Valladolid, April 29 – July 27

Museo Nacional de Escultura  

This exhibition will show that El Greco is a very alive artist nowadays. This project explores El Greco’s influence in twelve current artists who are witnesses of the validity of El Greco’s art in contemporary creation.

‘El Greco y la pintura moderna’ 

Madrid, June 24 – October 5

Museo del Prado 

This exhibition will show the importance of the rediscovery of El Greco´s figure for the painting development during 19th and 20th centuries.

‘El Greco: arte y oficio’ 

Toledo, September 8 – December 9

Museo de Santa Cruz 

75 El Greco’s paintings in his own studio, as well as his complex work systems to attend the huge demand in his production.

Museo del Greco

It was inaugurated in Toledo in 1911 thanks to the effort of the Marquis Benigno de la Vega-Inclán.

Currently is the one and only museum in Spain devoted exclusively to El Greco, the main purpose is to share with the visitants El Greco’s figure, as well as his work influence and personality in the city of Toledo at the beginning of the 17th century.

There are many exhibitions and each one is as interesting as the next, so you better organize yourself and miss not one!

Escape to Egypt

The Annunciation

Laocoonte , Washington Museum of Art

Portrait of a nobleman

A fable


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